The gospel group Sound Of Faith from Lappeenranta consists of a choir and a band. The repertoire sung by the choir consists mainly of gospel music in Finnish, but there are also a few songs in English. There are currently about 30 singers in the choir. We especially need more male voices. Welcome to an audition!       

We perform at various events in congregations and elsewhere. Mostly we have performed in Imatra and Lappeenranta. Our repertoire has included for example Gospel Mass and most recently Angels the musical. We mainly perform music written and composed by our director Hanna Hyvärinen, but also other new spiritual music. Our home parish is the Lappeenranta parish. The parish choir activities are free of charge. You can join regardless of your place of residence and home congregation.

You can order the New Gospel Mass, written by our choir leader, for your own congregation. We also sing with smaller ensembles on different occasions. Contact Hanna Hyvärinen!

Sound Of Faith choir rehearses on Tuesdays from 5 pm to 6.30 pm at Lappeenranta Church (Mannerheiminkatu 1). Sound Of Faith is for adult singers and musicians, but our line-up also includes children and young people.

Sound of Faith on Facebook.

Contact information
Hanna Hyvärinen
Choir director, music teacher
045 131 7732